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The Vestibule
Dare Not Blink
I Am Young Today
The Service Of The Mysticist
Share What You Love
Be Good for Love of Santa Claus
An Atheist Returned To Mourn
Those Better Days
There Are No Tears
When Prayer Saves The Minister
My Special Friend 🎶
A Lullaby From The Cradle
A Testament From The Casket
Shall We In Hell Or Heaven Meet
The Servants Of Cerberus
My Welcomed Second Death
Thine Angels Art Prepared
A Shade Of Who She Was
The Siren's Won Again
The Snipping Of A String
The Mind Has Issued Its Decree
That Narrow Rim 🎶
Moon Walker
You Left Us Hanging 🎶
What You Willed To Me
Shadowy Silhouettes
We Wrote A Eulogy For One
A Funeral's A Future Lost
Objectively Sentenced
Send Me Down With A Smile
Dust To Dust 🎶
How It Might Have Been