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The Tower 🎶
This Heroes' Cape
No Strength Of Shield
Scribe And Pen
A Gavel Is Enough
For Justice To Be Justice
Crooks With Six Faces
These Rival Twins
The Jokers All Are Laughing
Wrong Imaginings
As The Scarecrow Tilts
A Fair And Equal Share
The Ballerina Spins
The Linchpin Seal
Vineyards Of Servility 🎶
Chains On The Brain
All Bars Once Steady Bend
I Spent My Life On Eggshells
Sliding Down The Pipe
Go Pick Up A Spade 🎶
In Shameful Drapery
Once Upon A Birthday
Consider This A Memoir
I Want To Take A Holiday
All Of Them Possessed
The Classic That Delivered Me
Bouncy Boat - How You Float
The Standard Of Conformity 🎶
The Sky Must Be A Rising Sea
My Lady Of The Air
The Aeroplane Model
A Weightless Ballet