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The Reliquary
Two Generals Rode Out To War
The Purpose Of Our Streetlamp
How Evenly The Apples Grow
Za Prixionry Of Za Babel
A Clockwork Boy Cannot Be Scared
My Fancy Tell-U-Vision Set
I Whittled You A Whistle
Objects Chosen Over You
Sentimentals He Knew
Wishing You Were Here
The Loveliest Facade
The Full Duet Was Lost
The Blade And Bough At Hand
A Soul Of Glass
My Hardest Diamond Heart
The Greater Jewels
Solution Found
Parodies Of Life
The Shroud Of A Soldier
The Perfect Seashell
Seasonal Occurrences
A Sobering Display
By Light Of Candlestick
The Top Of The Sand Glass
Tricks Of The Clock 🎶
A Look Into My Telescope
My True Story
Our Books Are Much Like Us
The Long Walk Backward
The Weathered Shack
One Golden Brick As Proof