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The Parlor
They Can't Go Home Again 🎶
Bogeyman, Bogeyman
Leprechaun Land
Some Genies Are Enslaved
The Fisher's Hook
Do Beware The Hydra
There Camps An Angry Troll
The Cockatrice, We All Destroy
A Dragon's Sore Regrets
A Phoenix Burned In Bondage
Chimera's Moon
My Tantalizing Manticore
The Sphinx's Philosophy
The Olden Crocodile
On a Swampy Throne
In Witching Wells
The Nether Beasts Of Eden
Less Worthy To Be Called A Snake
Little Apple Snail
Tell Me, Tiger
A Lion's Share
Friend Leopard 🎶
The Lone Wolf's Soulful Howl
Serenity Keeps Sheep In Step
Happy Batling Pup
The Vagarious Bat 🎶
Courageous As The Whale
Man Eater
Cuttlefish Quandary
The Worm Sequestered Underground 🎶
The Jungles Hum My Requiems 🎶