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The Menagerie
In My Cocoon
Butterfly Butterfly 🎶
Why Do The Fleeting Moths Pursue
This Submissiveness Of Honeybees 🎶
The Mayflies Thrive
The Smiting Of A Fly
The Dragonfly Kills
The Soldier Ant War 🎶
The Greatest Spinner
Every Shadow Is A Spider
Roaches Encroaching
Im Called A Praying Mantis
The Ladybug And The Rose
All The Birds Did Sing
Song Birds Of A Feather 🎶
Eagle In The Needles Lying
How I Should Love To Be The Crane
A Turtle Tries To Test Its Fate
How Does The Ugly Crab Endure
Homage To A Toad
The Seventh Dog Of Seven
The Wild And The Tame
Pastures Of Our Childhood
The Cows In The Bed Rows
Hungry Piggy
The Burro Stubbornly Contends
The Elephant Is Affluent
A Boy And His Bear 🎶
The Last Giraffe
We Can Be More