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The Cemetery
Our Old Ancestral Home
Time Travelers Content To Dream
Two Thousand Years Devout
Star Wanderer Of Mine
Who Is She, Rocking Chair?
Dear Quiet Man
A Substitute For You
The Season Hasn't Come For Fish 🎶
Your Last Arpeggio 🎶
Only Notes And Peanuts
Dressed Pleasingly In Sepia
Left In Dilemma By Disease
Astonished At The Speed Of Death
That Unexpected Turn
They All Are Tattered Fragments
Call Me Haunted
The Demons I Keep
The Vampire's Curtain
Already In The Tomb
My Body Is A Living Crypt
The Necromancer's Trade
If I Should Die And Reawake
The Nature Of The Common Man
Death Started Writing Poetry
What Transpired High On Hubris' Peak
The Mightiest Of Rides
A Poet Spoke to Power
Summertime Shower
A Song Of Eternity
A Song Of Entropy